A downloadable mod for Windows and macOS

The mod is based on Axl Aventure and Carolco Intro Bloopers by Jacob Harvey, also known as JacHarv.

Rory and Sunny need to get the Carolco Logo right!

This was kind of a fun mod to make, doing some collab with Jacob in a Baldi's Basics mod was quite surprising.


  • Cherry as Baldi
  • T-Pose Cunt as Playtime
  • Flandre as Principal
  • Vovod Doomsdoy as It's a Bully
  • Windows Guy as Gotta Sweep
  • BND as Arts and Crafters
  • Spamton Neo as 1st Prize

This mod is a non-canon joke mockery of those sequel mods. (also it's supposed to look bad on purpose because...you know, the date but also Axl Aventure)


Axl's Basics 86 Windows.rar 132 MB
Axl's Basics 86 Mac.app.rar 132 MB


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Make Baldi Loves Cherries

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