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It's literally the same version as of 2019. Nothing has changed for this mod when this page was made.

After the event of The Glitch Dimension, the Player and Rory need to save Davin, Sosie Axl, and OLD Evil Axl, so they need to go to Axl's "new schoolhouse" to collect their memories, somehow the 3 Axelitos might be evil, but if they are all collected, they'll remember.

Thank all of the people who draw the (old) fan arts for the mod (some of them was for my birthday too)

(also sorry for that Mistake in the credits, I put Ricardo's name at the end with Manster Tapout's image until I see the "RicardoandFriendsYT" thing in the credits, sorry)

(I also forgot Quiselet/Anastastus6 in the credits because he actually draws fan art for the mod)

Baldi - Glitchy Axl
Playtime - Turbo Girl/Axl 2015
Principal - Axelito
Bully - Davin/Original Axelito
Gotta Sweep - OLD Evil Axl
1st Prize - Flare
Arts And Crafters - Sosie Axl


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axl-s-basics-3.rar 115 MB

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